Having a Higher Standard

Seagate Development Group is ready to assist your church in any phase of the design and construction process.  From complete new church buildings and sanctuaries to renovation, remodeling and expansion projects, our team can help you achieve your church’s goals.


Throughout the planning of your church construction project, Seagate Development Group brings an unparalleled team of professionals to work alongside you, to develop your church project through to completion, all within budget and on time.


At Seagate Development Group we have a passionate commitment to quality, detail and service.  Foreseeing growth and space flexibility is how we help you to evaluate your church’s best balance, form and function, while staying true to your mission and values. Seagate Development Group can assist you from large sanctuaries and coffee shops to custom church school facilities.


Please call 239.738.7900 for more information on the building and development of your Church Project!