A destination as special as Fort Myers Beach itself

Seagate Development Group is proud to introduce its vision for a spectacular new beachfront project on Fort Myers Beach, where luxury living meets timeless island charm. Our vision blends modern elegance with the island’s rich history and unique character that generations of visitors have cherished. Featuring exquisite luxury condominiums, serene parks, vibrant open spaces, a premier beach club, new beachfront dining options, and custom villas, this development pays homage to the island’s unique, laid-back lifestyle while offering contemporary comforts. Discover a community designed to honor the past and embrace the future, creating a destination as special as Fort Myers Beach itself.

Seagate has a rich history in SW Florida as a developer that believes in collaborative, thoughtful approaches to projects, as depicted in this presentation of the concept for Fort Myers Beach. The renderings for this iteration are designed not only with Seagate’s vision, but with input from key stakeholders, residents, and leaders from the area.

What is Being Proposed?

Seagate Development Group of Fort Myers proposes redeveloping the former site of the Red Coconut using the existing Village density. This plan represents a 45% decrease in the allowable units per acre compared to what was previously allowed on the Red Coconut site. Under this proposal, the number of units allowed per acre on the Seagate site would decrease from 27 to 15. Zoning with deviations aims to provide significant public good in addition to decreasing density.

 Seagate is proposing to build:

  •  Two condo buildings (137 total units) with architecturally varying heights (9, 10, 14 , and 15 stories over parking) in wedding cake design (1.5 to 2 stories fronting Estero).
  • A two-story over parking Gulfront beach club
  • Four single-family homes east of Donora Blvd.




Public Benefit

  • Decrease of Red Coconut density from 27 units per acre to 15 units per acre
  • Significant beach view enhancements – 50 feet is required in existing zoning; Seagate is providing 240 feet
  • Density is being removed from the beach
  • Three acres of public access open space, including:
    • A beach park for public use
    • A public-use park along Estero Blvd featuring bike racks and sitting areas
    • Access to Mantazas Pass along with an area for bike parking
    • A scenic walking path connecting all of the parks for easy access
  • A public restaurant with stunning beach views
  • Entrance to the project off of Estero Blvd to avoid traffic issues
  • Limited access points on Estero Blvd.
  • A resident-only crossover that won’t interfere with traffic flow.
  • Closed-off access from Estero Blvd to Donora Blvd (lessening traffic on Estero)
  • Northerly continuation of Donora Blvd.
  • Beach club membership options for local residents
  • Enhanced streetscapes and added shade trees along the sidewalk
  • Buildings will be set back from Estero Blvd. (per code)
  • Rebuild timeframe of 12 months to groundbreaking and 2 years for construction


  • Seagate Development Group will be hosting an in-person information and Q&A session on the Fort Myers Beach project. Please continue to visit seagatedevelopmentgroup.com for the latest updates.

 Seagate’s Custom Home, Renovations, Commercial and Interior Design Services on Fort Myers Beach

In addition to our Fort Myers Beach project, we have brought our talented team of experienced craftspeople to the Beach to offer Seagate’s signature services, including custom, luxury home building, residential renovations, commercial development, site work, land development, property management, and interior design.

Questions? Please share your information and we will be in touch to assist.