With us,

you’re never far from home.

With Seagate Estate Management Services, you’re never far from home, no matter how far you travel. Guided by the same principles that have guided us in producing the finest luxury estate homes in the region are the very same we use in the management of yours.

Our success in both areas relies heavily on the high standards and importance we place on communication and management skills. This is the cornerstone of any successful business, and what has propelled us to be the premier provider of both in Southwest Florida.

We customize a management plan for your estate home based on your needs and preferences.

Areas of focus include:

• Weekly Home Inspections
• Air Conditioner performance
• General Plumbing features
• Pool and Spa

• Landscaping and Lighting
• Windows and Doors
• Security Systems
• Water Intrusion prevention

• Mold inspection and Prevention
• General Electronics performance
• Smoke Alarms and/or Sprinkler Systems
• Roof and Gutter inspections

For complete information on how we can manage your Luxury Estate Home or Condominium, contact us at 239.738.7900