Property Inspections
• Common Area – Sidewalks, walkways, and dumpster areas
• Landscaping – Grass, weeds, bushes, trees and irrigation
• Building Exterior – cracks, paint, lighting, windows and roofs
• Parking Lot – cracks, sealing, striping, parking stops and signs
• Results reported to you on a regular basis

Quality Assurance Program
• Point based audit program to ensure compliance with our property standards
• Properties annually audited via random selection
• Results used to identify inefficiencies and opportunities
• Result will be shared with you

Financial Services:

Annual Budgeting
• Operating – Assess expenses and needs, competitive bids and monitoring
• Capital – Project planning, budgeting and financial oversight
• Reserves – Assess and monitor
• Provide year end annual reports

Accounts Receivable
• Electronic tenant e-billing
• Collections of all rents, fees and receipts due from tenants and concessionaires
• Monitoring of collections and delinquencies
• Escalation process and initiation of action plan to collect rent or recommend legal counsel
• Late notice and fee administration
• Default and legal action as agreed with landlord
• Communicate problems as soon as identifed

Accounts Payable
• Manage invoice receipt, processing and payment
• Electronic invoice image storage
• Mortgage, tax and insurance payments
• Owner distributions
• 1099’s

• Deposit checks received to bank and post to general ledger
• Generate checks for approved operating expenses and projects
• Reconcile bank account(s)

Cam Recoveries (if applicable)
• Annual reconciliation and true up (Commercial only)

Compliance and Document Retention
• Transactional documents – A/R, A/P and Banking
• Contracts, notices and reports on behalf of the client
• Vendor and tenant (commercial) proof of insurance

Economic and Financial Analysis
• Ongoing analysis and evaluation of property operations
• Recommendations to enhance value – including but not limited to:
– Property improvements
– Low cost effective curb appeal enhancements
– Implementation of a long-range plan consistent with owner objectives and direction
• Ongoing review of critical areas of the property such as utility usage, energy management, and vendor performance provided to you

Financial Statements
• Income statement of operations – profit and loss
(current month and year to date)
• Rent roll
• Property inspection report
• Accounts receivable aging and delinquencies
• Accounts payable expense detail and check register
• Bank statements and reconciliation
• Detailed general ledger

Sales Tax
• Sales tax collection and remittance (commercial only)