Facility Services

General Contracted Porter Service:
• Trash cleanup
• Remove debris and blow walkways
• Empty trash cans and replace trash can liners
• Site audits and field reporting of issues

Painting Services:
• Fire hydrants
• Water equipment and backflow devices
• Bollards, dumpster doors and awnings

Pressure Washing / Graffiti Removal:
• Awnings
• Parking lots, sidewalks and pylon signs
• Cement, composite decking, cedar shake
• Brick, wood, stucco, aluminum, pavers and vinyl

Electrical Services:
• Lightbulb checks, bulb purchase and replacement
• Adjust timers
• Outlet cover replacement

• Lockbox installation or removal
• Door screen repair/replacement
• Add or replace door sweeps
• Key replacement/change door locks
• Hardware replacement (hinges, handles, knobs)

HVAC Preventative Services
• Inspect units and change filters
• Check the condensation drain & clean debris
• Assess electrical connections
• Check refrigerant levels
• Replace window A/C units
• Battery replacement in thermostat
• HVAC reset and lubricate moving parts

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance & Services:
• Check the drains and assess pipes for leaks
• Check the water pressure
• Assess select hoses for signs of cracks, brittleness or leaking
• Toilet hardware replacement (handles, flap, chain)
• Unclog toilets and sinks
• Check water leaks and water meter readings
• Adjust toilet shut-off valve

Window Washing & Maintenance:
• Exterior and/or interior of common areas
• Window screen cleaning
• New construction window cleaning
• Secure windows
• Remove lettering or stickers

Building Services:
• Replace ceiling tiles, vent covers, ceiling fan chains, thermostat batteries, signs, soap dispensers, sprinkler heads,
• Pothole, gates, awning, soffit and fascia repair
• Car stop removal and replacement
• Breaker, fire sprinkler and irrigation checks
• Drywall patchwork
• Tree Inspection for potential hazard

Miscellaneous and/or Nuisance Services:
• Dead animal removal
• Homeless encampment
• Unit “make ready” service

Additional Services Available:
• Cobwebbing
• Large appliance or furniture removal
• Debris and landscape debris removal
• Construction clean-up and pallet removal
• Mopping and/or wet/dry vac service from water leaks
• Remove and/or schedule services for towing of abandoned vehicles or like items