Seagate Development Group has completed Southport Truck Group’s 6,000-square-foot warehouse at 16110 Lee Road in Fort Myers. This fulfills the new and used truck dealer’s need for extra freightliner storage and complements the preexisting repair shop and sales parts building, also constructed and designed by Seagate.

Crews broke ground on this project in late September, saw-cutting as well as removing the asphalt and excavating footers for the building pad.

Seagate spent the next month completing the concrete slab and building skin, erecting steel columns, and installing the steel beams — all before turning the building over in mid-November.

Adjacent to Southport’s original facility, the warehouse reflects a classic industrial design — cement walls, open steel ceilings and fluorescent lighting. The shed-inspired, garage-type structure sits in the freightliner parking lot for maximized use and multipurpose space.

“A growing business needs further accommodations for its parts and components, and we’re more than happy to oblige with rapid progress and our very best levels of efficiency,” said Matt Price, CEO and Partner of Seagate

Development Group. “This will result in and contribute to even more success for Southport Truck Group in 2021 and beyond.”

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